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Notice: MYOB has been re-branded as ABSS with effect from 1st Jan 2018.

New GST tax codes introduced in August 2016

GST code Description Rate GST-03 fields
TX-CG Purchase of fixed assets with GST. 6% 6a, 6b and 16
RP For purchase of goods and services that are given relief under GST, for example purchase of RON95 petrol. 0% -
TX-FRS Purchases from farmers or fishermen registered under the Flat Rate Scheme. 2% 6a and 6b
TX-NC For purchases with input tax where the GST registered entity elects not to claim for it 6% -
TX-ER Input tax on purchases made from GST registered suppliers by local authorities or statutory bodies to perform regulatory and enforcement functions 6% 6a and 6b
IM-CG GST on import of capital goods 6% 6a, 6b and 16
IM-RE Import of goods with GST incurred that is not directly attributable to taxable or exempt supplies. 6% 6a and 6b
NP Matters to be treated as neither a purchase of goods nor a purchase of services, and no GST incurred 0% -
ZDA Export of goods from Malaysia to Designated Areas - Customs Form No. 2 (K2) 0% 10
SR-MS Standard-rated supplies under Margin Scheme. GST is on margin only. 6% 5a and 5b
SR-JS Standard-rated supplies under Jeweller Scheme 0% 5a and 5b
OS-ER Out-of-scope supplies for Enforcement and Regulatory functions 0% -
OS-OV Out-of-scope supplies between overseas country with other overseas country 0% -
NS Matters to be treated as neither a supply of goods nor a supply of services, and no GST is chargeable. 0% -


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