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Notice: MYOB has been re-branded as ABSS with effect from 1st Jan 2018.
MYOB Premier v21 and MYOB Accounting v26

The latest release of ABSS Premier and ABSS Accounting have important GST compliance updates.


GST compliance features introduced in Premier v19 and Accounting v24

11 new tax codes and 3 updated codes

GST Code Description
TX-FRS Purchase - Flat rate scheme
IES Incidental exempt supply
NTX Supplies no tax chargeable
NP Non goods or services purchases
NS Non goods or services purchases
OS-TXM Out of scope supplies in Malaysia
RP Relief Purchases (GST legislation)
SR-JWS Supplies under AJS
SR-MS Margin Scheme standard rated supplies
TX-ES Partial exempt supply
TX-IES Incidental exempt supply
TX-NC Not claiming input tax
ZDA Zero rated supplies to designated areas
TX-CG Capital Goods Acquisition

Updated GST Reports

GST 03 Summary and Detail reports have been updated to meet requirements from Customs Malaysia.

Updated Bad debt relief and claim details

Sales or purchases that involves bad debts will reflect the new tax codes changes.

Enter GST Posting Date in Purchases Module

Customs Malaysia requires to report GST posting date for purchases made. Users can now easily record and track the GST posting date in the Purchases Module in MYOB software.

MYOB GST purchases report

Updated GST Audit File v2.0

The recent GST Audit file v2.0 is updated in compliance with the recent Customs requirements. GAF file now captures:

  • Header record,
  • Supplier GST number,
  • Customer GST number,
  • Posting Date,
  • Export Declaration number,
  • Account type fields in Ledger.


Newly added GST Purchases Report

GST Purchases List report shows the purchases transactions and GST posting date for customers to easily reconcile their purchases with GST posting.

MYOB GST purchases report

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