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Notice: MYOB has been re-branded as ABSS with effect from 1st Jan 2018.

ABSS Accounting v27 and ABSS Premier v22 - What's new

Most of the features introduced in the latest versions of ABSS Accounting and ABSS Premier relate to the recent implementation of Sales Tax and Service Tax 2018 (SST).


ABSS Accounting v27 ABSS Premier v22
Record SST registration details
New fields have been added to the Company Information window that allow you to record your SST registration detail as below (if applicable):
  • Sales Tax Number
  • Sales Tax Start Date
  • Sales Tax End Date
  • Service Tax Number (existing field, but re-arranged)
  • Service Tax Start Date
SST Tax Types and Sub Codes
“Sales & Service Tax” replaces the existing “Sales Tax” tax type.
SST Code “Select from List” is a recommended list of localized SST codes that enable linking to SST-02 for reporting.
ABSS Accounting and Premier provide a default set of tax codes list that are mapped to related SST code.
Tariff codes
Part of SST returns requires users to provide the tariff codes of their taxable products.
ABSS have therefore added the ability for users to create tariff codes to comply with this requirement.
You can create tariff codes as required by clicking on the New button
Invoice layouts for tariff codes
For tracking of tariff codes in Sales, use either the Item and/or Time Billing layouts only
Only these 2 layouts can be used because the tariff codes are linked to item information.

If you use Time Billing layout, be sure to turn on "I Include Items on Time Billing Invoices" in Preferences as shown in the image above.
New form fields
New form fields have been added and made available in all standard and customized Invoice and PO templates as follows:
  • Sales Tax Number - displays company sales tax registration number
  • Service Tax Number - displays company service tax registration number [this is an existing field]
  • Invoice Type - Non Tax - displays ‘Invoice’ instead of ‘Tax Invoice’ [this is an existing field]
  • Line Tax Rate - displays tax rate for each transaction detail line
  • Tariff Code - displays item's tariff code
New form templates
New invoice templates for Sales Tax and Service Tax have been added.

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